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Crate Stacking is a fun activity that promotes group co-ordination and team work. Teams construct the highest tower of crates possible. It’s a challenge to see who can climb the highest, quickest and balance without falling off. The participants climbing the crates are safely secured overhead via belayed ropes making this a safe and fun activity.

One instructor is provided for a group of no more than 12 per 90 minute session. Two additional adults from your group are needed to help with harnesses and to supervise the any children not engaged on the activity.


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Payment for this activity must generally be made 8 weeks in advance of the booking where possible, this ensures your instructors will be available, we will send you an invoice for the required amount.

If you have booked within 8 weeks of your visit then immediate payment is required, we will send you an invoice for the required amount as soon as we have confirmed instructors are available.